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In the not-so-distant 2029, the entire mutant race is almost obliterated, and Logan, the invincible bestial superhero once known as the Wolverine, finds himself getting old, and his incredible healing ability significantly weakened. As an incognito limo driver, Logan does his best to guard and keep out of sight a weary nonagenarian Professor Xavier; however, things will take an unexpected turn when a cryptic woman asks him to transport the young mutant girl, Laura. A better future lies past the Canadian borders for the unaccompanied teenager, but the government is unwilling to let go of its asset so easily. In the end, can the ageing Logan protect both himself and Laura?
In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X, somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan's attempts to hide from the world, and his legacy, are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.
Difficult times for x-men. It is sad to see Logan's humiliations and his apathy toward his activities for a depressing end that is to run away without a fight. And when there is struggle to see its degradation is suffocating, when we expect a reaction, a return to the top, a sense of a new hope, everything fails. Only the girl who saves the movie, and the other children, besides, of course, good action scenes, but a sad and depressing film for such a vigorous character at its end does not live up to the franchise,
The superhero genre has become pretty dull and generic. The DC Cinematic Universe has become nothing besides a flaming dumpster fire and although Marvel&#39;s movies are fun, the lack innovation and stick to the same formulaic approach that has made them billions of dollars. Before any of you say it, Deadpool was not an exception because it made a few dirty jokes. Don&#39;t get me wrong, I still enjoy superhero movies, but I understand that they lack anything that makes them remotely interesting as films of substance. That was until I saw Logan.<br/><br/>Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine since I was five years old in 2000. The year is 2017, and I am now turning twenty-two this June. Throughout my life, I have seen four different Batmen, three Spidermen, two Supermen. However, there has only been one Wolverine. There will only ever be one Wolverine. Logan is Jackman&#39;s final farewell to the role that made him an international superstar. Jackman&#39;s commitment to the role has been admirable, even sticking with the X-Men franchise when it hit rock bottom in the mid to late 2000s with X3: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Eventually, the franchise rebooted itself to its former glory with X- Men First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Even the better X-Men films, which I give lots of credit to developing the modern formula for superhero films, really lacked a certain sense of pizazz. Every movie had the protagonists saving the world from (insert generic force here) at the last possible minute when it seemed all hope was lost. However, Logan takes a different approach. Instead of trying to save the world entire, Wolverine is only looking out for a single girl and an aging Professor X. As a result, the film is much more personal the consequences feel much more dire, even though less is technically at stake. Director James Mangold had obviously thought this through after the incredibly average showing that was The Wolverine in 2013. I always knew Mangold had the talent to deliver a truly excellent, character driven movie due to his magnificent work on the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. Logan also fit into the aesthetic of a 1950s Western so well. When the comparison was drawn within the film to classic American Western Shane, I immediately felt the connection. Many films try to fit into a certain form, and fail so badly, (see my review of Kong: Skull Island). However, Logan fits the form so flawlessly, you forget you are watching a superhero film. The gruesome violence of the R-Rated Logan gives the film a certain grit that Shane does not have. In this way, the film explores the primitive side of Wolverine that is reminiscent of Spaghetti Westerns while maintaining the morality and ethics of the American Western<br/><br/>There has been constant praise to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart over the years for their depictions of the seminal X-Men. However, it is 12-year-old Dafne Keen who steals the entire movie. If anyone knows me, I am incredibly critical of most child performers. I find them a giant nuisance and they have actually changed my opinion of a film due to a child actor&#39;s performance. (ex. The Babadook) However, Keen adds an almost Chaplin-esque quality to her performance as X-23. She is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Also, it is known by many that I am a giant opponent to the overuse of computer graphic imaging within a film. That being said, the CGI creation of X-24 had me absolutely startled. For maybe the first time ever in a movie, my cinematic eye couldn&#39;t tell whether a character was actually there. This is a sign of amazing visual effects, something that the Academy should not ignore come Oscar season.<br/><br/>I have roughly seen about 1,350 movies in my life. Of that list, I had only cried in 26 of those movies. Damn if Logan is only the 27th film to pierce my cold, cinephilic heart. I found myself crying like a small child I had not cried in a movie in a theater since 2012 at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. The film manages to be so personal and touching that it defies genre types. Very few superhero movies have actual consequences. I mean c&#39;mon how many characters has Marvel brought back from the dead? Logan chooses to close out the X- Men of our childhood in about the best possible cinematic ending.<br/><br/>Logan is the best superhero movie in years. In fact, it would be fair to put it in the same class as The Dark Knight as an innovative and exceptional superhero film. I found myself scoffing at Logan&#39;s Oscar chances before the film, but I honestly believe this could be the first superhero film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, and I would be perfectly fine with that. If any combination of Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, or Dafne Keen were nominated for Oscars for their exceptional performances, I would be their biggest supporter. If you only want to see one big budget action movie this year, do yourself a favor and choose Logan.<br/><br/>(Score: 10/10)
A movie with the bleakest vision of Wolverine yet, but also hands down the best treatment the character has received on the big screen in the fifteen plus years Jackman has inhabited the role.
The last of the X-Men, an aging James &quot;Logan&quot; Howitt (<a href="/name/nm0413168/">Hugh Jackman</a>) and his dying longtime friend and mentor Charles Xavier (<a href="/name/nm0001772/">Patrick Stewart</a>) become the protectors of Laura Kinney (<a href="/name/nm6748436/">Dafne Keen</a>), an 11-year-old mutant girl from the corrupt Alkali-Transigen corporation. When they discover the corporation is using mutant DNA samples to create and control mutants and use them as weapons and that the corporation also created Laura from Logan&#39;s mutant DNA, they set out to take Laura to Eden, a refuge for mutants, and Logan makes his final stand as he fights Alkali-Transigen that are after Laura and other mutant children that they created. While this film&#39;s story pulls inspiration and story ideas from several Wolverine comic book stories, the film itself is not an adaptation of any particular previously-published story. The story most noted for inspiring this film is Mark Millar&#39;s 2008 &quot;Old Man Logan&quot; mini-series. However, the final film bears no resemblance to that comic book except for minor thematic parallels. Hugh Jackman has stated through multiple media outlets that this movie will be the last time he plays Logan/Wolverine. Patrick Stewart has also said in multiple interviews that this would be the most satisfying ending for his portrayal of Charles Xavier. However, Stewart seems generally more open to returning for small cameos than Jackman. Stewart has particularly said that he is not against making an appearance in a Deadpool sequel or episode of Legion, but the idea and offer would have to make sense for him. Logan is set in 2029, which is six years after the future setting of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Director James Mangold said in interviews before the film&#39;s release that the story takes place after the &quot;good&quot; future seen at the end of Days of Future Past. Some examples of Mangold saying this can be read here and here. However, fans have debated this idea from the announcement of the film and continue to debate it after its release, since some key continuity does not match perfectly between Logan and Days of Future Past, even when considering the theoretical time travel elements presented in the earlier film. Examples of fan debate on Logan being a direct sequel to Days of Future Past or not can be watched here and here. Given the hints present in this film, it&#39;s been suggested that this film takes place in continuity after X-Men and X2: X-Men United (2003) but ignores any other films in the series. Hints to this include that the original X-Men film is referenced the most; also Logan says, &quot;There haven&#39;t been any new mutants born in 25 years.&quot; The original X-Men was said to take place around 2004-2005. If Logan takes place in 2029, that means that the pathogen that caused no new mutants to be born was released shortly after the events of these films. Given that Dr. Rice, Pierce and the Reaver team are employed by Alkali research, it&#39;s possible that the pathogen was released when the Alkali base was destroyed and got into the water supply. Creating another timeline. It&#39;s possible that this can be set after the events of the &quot;good&quot; ending of Days of Future Past. Sure, the movie is set in 2029 and Logan said that a new mutant hadn&#39;t been born in 25 years and at the end of Days of Future Past we see lots of kids at the Xavier school. But it&#39;s possible that those kids weren&#39;t mutants. In Apocalypse, Xavier said he planned to make the school open to mutants and humans, so that could be one way to explain Logan being a followup to Days of Future Past.
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