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An MMA trainer, Mac, adopts his deceased friend's son, Randy, and trains him to be a professional fighter.
&#39;CAGED DREAMS&#39;: Four Stars (Out of Five)<br/><br/>Pete (director) and Paul (writer) Guzzo made this short film about cage fighting and underworld crime for a mere $50,000 (and it looks pretty damn impressive). Orestes Matacena stars as a veteran MMA (mixed martial arts) trainer named Mac who has been training the son, Randy (Daniel DiPiazza), of a deceased friend to be a champion pro fighter for several years now. Randy has gone undefeated with six wins due to a little help from Mac&#39;s mafia friends. When the kingpin Dante (Emilio Roso) wants Randy to throw his first fight Mac doesn&#39;t have the heart to make him do it, even though his life is on the line. The film represents nothing new or too exciting but it is nicely directed by Pete (in an cool stylized fashion) and the acting is equally impressive. In the little time we have to know the characters we do learn to care for the two primary ones and their emotions resonates. Not a landmark film but a pretty cool little short film none the less.<br/><br/>Watch our review show &#39;MOVIE TALK&#39; at:

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