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Diana, a stubborn mermaid, is determined to bring justice to the men who killed her merman father. Never having lived out of water before, she enlists the help of her two sisters (already living on land) to track down the murderers. Diana finds that her sister, Venus, is an aquatic dancer in a seedy bar who was forced into the position by the evil bar owner who has taken Venus' magic tiara, giving him ultimate control of her. June, the third sister, works at the local aquarium and is able to recruit the help of her friend, and love interest, Randy, a coast guard officer, to help the mermaids track down their father's killers. The sisters join forces and along the way, discover how difficult it is to be a fish out of water, and how meaningful sisterhood is.
Mermaid sisters hunt down their father's human killer… and deal with their own personal relationships with the humans.
Nothing too deep, just an excellent piece of lightweight entertainment. Elements of romance, murder, adventure, a few funny moments. Three very different mermaid sisters, one tough and lives mostly underwater, another who lives permanently on land and is looking for her soulmate, the third one divides her time pretty evenly between land and sea and is just looking for some fun. Throw in the murder of their father, a couple of unscrupulous characters and a good looking male lead and you have an entertaining couple of hours of escapism. The end looks like a pilot for a TV series, I really hope it gets picked up. I watch very little television, but I'd watch this if it were a series.
I loved it! It was family friendly. Romance but not sex. I loved how it was about sister's (women) who each had their own ability to bring to the table to help avenge their father. Very positive for girls. The costumes were great! Very hip but very sea-like. Kudos to the designer! The acting was very well done. Even though there were unknowns in the lead roles they were very good actors. Special effects were well done. Scenes were nice. Location was very well thought out. Script was good but hey when they begin the series I know it will get better with time. The concept was great. It did look like a pilot. Me and my family are still waiting for the rest of the series. We need more programing like this!

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