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In 1967, mine workers find the remnants of an ancient vanished civilization named Abkani that believe there are the worlds of light and darkness. When they opened the gate between these worlds ten thousand years ago, something evil slipped through before the gate was closed. Twenty-two years ago, the Government Paranormal Research Agency Bureau 713 was directed by Professor Lionel Hudgens, who performed experiments with orphan children. On the present days, one of these children is the paranormal investigator Edward Carnby, who has just gotten an Abkani artifact in South America, and is chased by a man with abilities. When an old friend of foster house disappears in the middle of the night, he discloses that demons are coming back to Earth. With the support of the anthropologist Aline Cedrac and the leader of the Bureau 713, Cmdr. Richard Burke, and his squad, they battle against the evil creatures.
Investigating a supernatural force, Edward Carnby finds himself on the toughest case of his career. With an archaeologist helping him to trace his findings back through time for centuries, the mystery only gets more complicated the further they delve into it.
This movie succeeds at being one of the most unique movies you&#39;ve seen. However this comes from the fact that you can&#39;t make heads or tails of this mess. It almost seems as a series of challenges set up to determine whether or not you are willing to walk out of the movie and give up the money you just paid. If you don&#39;t want to feel slighted you&#39;ll sit through this horrible film and develop a real sense of pity for the actors involved, they&#39;ve all seen better days, but then you realize they actually got paid quite a bit of money to do this and you&#39;ll lose pity for them just like you&#39;ve already done for the film. I can&#39;t go on enough about this horrible movie, its almost something that Ed Wood would have made and in that case it surely would have been his masterpiece.<br/><br/>To start you are forced to sit through an opening dialogue the likes of which you&#39;ve never seen/heard, this thing has got to be five minutes long. On top of that it is narrated, as to suggest that you the viewer cannot read. Then we meet Mr. Slater and the barrage of terrible lines gets underway, it is as if he is operating solely to get lines on to the movie poster tag line. Soon we meet Stephen Dorff, who I typically enjoy) and he does his best not to drown in this but ultimately he does. Then comes the ultimate insult, Tara Reid playing an intelligent role, oh help us! Tara Reid is not a very talented actress and somehow she continually gets roles in movies, in my opinion though she should stick to movies of the American pie type. <br/><br/>All in all you just may want to see this for yourself when it comes out on video, I know that I got a kick out of it, I mean lets all be honest here, sometimes its comforting to revel in the shortcomings of others.
This movie was… just… terrible. In fact, it was so horrible that I actually have decided to revise the few movies I&#39;ve voted as 1 before up to 2 because, MAN, this movie set a new low. The plot was absurd, the sets all looked identical and VERY dark, the shots kept cutting between different places so often it was impossible to keep track of where you were, and the ending… in all it had holes you could put a planet through, and the acting (especially Tara Reid) was so horrendous that I can&#39;t believe they even bothered to release it. The only redeeming part of this movie was the relatively decent CGI work done on the critters, and even then, it was so dark when you COULD see them that they there were probably less than 5 seconds of decent footage of them. Uwe Boll strikes again! Someone please stop him from making any more movies. I&#39;ve never even played the game this was supposedly based on and I&#39;m this irritated by it, I can only imagine some fan boys are in the cardiac ward by now.
So inept on every level, you wonder why the distributor didn't release it straight to video, or better, toss it directly into the trash.

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